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Harlem Riot of 1943 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Harlem Riot of 1943 - Research Paper ExampleThe culture of the period affected the way in which the events were reported, the tone of the media shadowed by the way in which society viewed the African American place within it. The Harlem rampage of 1943 is an event that shows how the media has a great influence on the way in which public cerebration is created about events and the people who are involved. The Harlem riot of 1943 occurred after an incident where a law of natureman had hit an African American woman that he was arresting for charges stemming from a public disturbance. As he was about to hit her again, a young African American soldier by the name of Robert Bandy moved to resign the policemans violence. As a result, the soldier was shot in the shoulder, exclusively the rumor was spread that he was killed which sparked the riot. The incident occurred on August 1, 1943 and the riot was finally ended on August 3 after six people were killed with 500 African Americans arr ested (Capeci 116 New York Times). In studying riots, the most everyday format from which to characterize the events is from the precipitating event, such as the shooting of the soldier who was defending the woman. The emotions created by this event created a climate of violent reaction in which the targets of the volatile consequences were representations of authority. Riots are almost always a result of a affectionate injustice that becomes a part of a theater of violence in which the participants are acting out the underlying emotions of that injustice (Monti 42). The conflict was not representative of black-white confrontation as much as it was represented by confrontations with police and with symbols of oppression and authority which included local stores. According to Gold, Observers attributed the Harlem riot to the fact that blacks opportunities and living conditions showed few signs of improvement, despite the booming wartime economy (85). Oppression led to an explosion against that oppressive state in order to express the unequal position that was imposed upon those living in neighborhoods where hope was a limited commodity. The dynamics of the social situation was reflected in the resources that were provided by the media as the event was covered. The Kerner Commission, which was the 1968 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, was given the task of looking at the riots that had occurred during the twentieth century and at the multiple causes of difficulties that were segregating Caucasians from African Americans. Using the Harlem riot of 1943 as one example of the problems that were evolving, a report by the commission charged the body politics media with contributing to a culture of ignorance and prejudice that imprisoned African Americans in stereotypes and helped to foster and perpetuate the poverty and discrimination that eventually led to commotion (Henry 80). The specific recommendation to thwart this problem was a call to the news media to include black voices so that a more equitable balance of learning could be heard (Henry 80). The mainstream press covered the events through perspectives that have not held up historically. According to Lubin, the mainstream press repeatedly insisted that it was not a race riot, but rather the work of gangs of hoodlums. Some white critics argued that it was the result of racial

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Anycity Ambulance Patient Transfer Service Essay

Anycity Ambulance Patient Transfer Service - Essay ExampleBasically I have tried to curb the antithetical interaction carriages, so that the put onr would have a better way of system manipulation.I have emphasized on the Visible Navigation style in the system. For this task I have used the Standardize Task Sequences to ensure that embedded links are descriptive. Here also a use of the unique and descriptive headings and checkboxes for binary choices, I have also tried to use thumbnails to preview larger images. This also facilitate in the visible navigation.To incorporate the feedback feature I have designed the system in such a way that it offers informative feedback. This feature is implemented through designing and incorporating a dialogues feature to yield closure for the system users.This can be done by permitting easy reversal of actions and by offering the support internal instruction of control. I have kept one point in mind during incorporating the feature of the error prevention that I have to reduce short-term repositing load from the system user. This point is really supportive to the error prevention.The system help at any point during the use is very essential. For this purpose I have designed the tool tips and a help menu that is useful in case of any ambiguity during the system working. I suggest for the embedding of the instruction on the system interface. When curser goes to any point on the screen the system has to tell about that particular menu or function. System manual or documentation is really essential for the trouble shooting and error handling. So we have to provide this feature

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Nutrition in Nursing.2 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Nutrition in Nursing.2 - Case Study ExampleSea foods ar normally very refreshed, tasty and nutritionally rich especially in minerals. This is the main reason Elizabeth is frustrated with their availability locally in the new understructure despite what is usable being expensive. The suggestion would be for her to get the fresh taste of sea foods by getting American sea food that is available in many food stores around America. There is a lot of fish in American food stores as well as the fresh weeds that be stocked in stores as well as served in many restaurants. There are also plenty of imported sea foods that she can take which have nutritional value just as the fresh ones and she could try this option. Ultimately she needs the nutritional supply and fish which is locally available is a good option for her as well as cereals.When it comes to issue of bread I would advise her to go for bread labeled tout ensemble wheat or whole grain. These are low in fat, have no cholestero l, have up to 15% protein and are rich in fiber. They are healthy and will protect the body from heart illnesses, diabetes, cancers and obesity. There also plenty of fruits which are nutritious much(prenominal) water melons, apples, cucumbers, Asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes and fresh vegetable such as cabbages, kales and onions which can be taken in plenty. These should be tasty and supply adequate nutrients such as minerals, vitamins and coupled to the other foods should give balance diet necessary for the bodys physiology.1. American Society of Anesthesiologists (1999). Practice guidelines for preoperative fasting and the use of pharmacologic agents to reduce the risk of pulmonary breathing in Application to health patients undergoing elective procedures. Anesthesiology, 90,

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Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 18

Human Resource Management - Essay ExampleWhen contemplating a motion program much(prenominal) as the current upshot with JCC, the management needs to ascertain and prioritize the over-arching reasons, as well as likely benefits of moving the targeted business units. It is noteworthy that the planned relocation, though not a financial slam-dunk, is not deleterious when viewed from an economic standpoint (Collie, 1998). In this regard, the projected attrition lies within acceptable bounds and would, therefore, allow for a substantial selection of fresh talent. Furthermore, the relocation will satisfy the two other major objectives greater intellectual capital risk minimization and enhanced growth flexibility. most of the major challenges that the human resource management needs to include the fact that the replacement of old habits at the former headquarters is usually an uncomfortable parade. Additionally, it is inextricably connected to the challenges of the tender physical sett ing. Thus, it is paramount to note that the day-to-day moments and actions tend to move into the foreground of the employees attention, and this prompts individuals to act on these moments with a conclusive process of resolution (Collie, 1998). This means that the employees must be made aware of the core reasons necessitating the relocation, and the new expectations placed upon them when it comes to the realization of the relocation objectives. By making the employees aware of the relocation process, they can view the relocation as another organizational change aimed at diversifying the organizations resources with an aim of maximizing the profits. It is only through such a model that the management can ensure that the relocation process does not result in negative repercussions on the employees output and productivity ion the new environment. In this regard, the best approach for aligning the

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Evolution of Purchasing in Supply Chain Research Paper

Evolution of Purchasing in Supply Chain - Research Paper ExampleThis technique gave many business organizations the want to venture into diverse money-oriented activities that aim at simplifying arbitrage, simplification agency cost, improving the price-to-value relationship, leveraging the money spent in an organization and implementing contracts that homogenize terms and discipline across the company or organization. As a result of strategic sourcing, customers could get their products at the right time, at right quantity, at the right quality, at the right price, in the right place from the right supplier. Although strategic sourcing provided almost everything that an organization requires for quick and higher profit gain, other values were not obtained, and supplier relationship management (SRM) become the succeeding evolution in purchasing. This concept involved the supplier and the customer establishing an interpersonal relationship with middle persons. The companies would t hen workout the relationship or any organization involved to maximize their benefit from that interaction. It requires careful collaboration with the primary suppliers to realize and uncover new benefits while reducing all the risk involved in the operation. With all these concept being embraced in business strategies, the current activities is being supplied with integrated innovation and business discussion capabilities that aim at addressing the changing continues customer demands. In conclusion, purchasing in the supply chain has evolved even more to a greater level.

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Services in Your Area Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Services in Your Area - Assignment ExampleThe home depicted in the above illustration keister be represented as the cable organizations i.e. AT&T and Motorola which provides their respective services with the help of a router and a link is created with the help of a cable. By this way, the connectivity gets transmitted to a fiber node, thereby providing connections to home computers and telephones (, n.d). Comparison and Evaluation of the Speed of DSL of AT & T and Cable Modem of Motorola In terms of speed, AT&T is regarded as one of the fastest providers of internet in the respective industry. The DSL service of the company has been viewed to deliver high speed that tropes from 200 Kbps -768 Kbps and level off goes to 18.1 Mbps -24 Mbps (AT&T Intellectual Property, 2013). However, the cable modems of Motorola helps in delivering high speed data that offers the option of sharing a single data plan between fivefold computers. Its data plans are used for delivering voice as soundly as data services. However, Motorolas cable modems can fetch a speed of 38 Mbps which is far impressive as compared to the DSL of AT&T (Motorola Mobility LLC, 2013). Comparison and Evaluation of the Cost of DSL of AT & T and Cable Modem of Motorola After make a thorough comparison between the be of DSL and cable modem of AT&T and Motorola respectively, it can be apparently observed that the price range of cable modems of Motorola is quite high. But, on the other hand, the cost of DSLs belonging to AT&T is not so much high as compared to Motorola. A high quality wireless based cable modem of Motorola be around 100 Dollars, whereas, most of the DSLs of AT&T costs less than 50 Dollars which holds Motorola in a very high position in terms of pricing of the products (AT&T Intellectual Property, 2013). Comparison and Evaluation of the reliability of DSL of AT & T and Cable Modem of Motorola In terms of reliability, twain the products seem to deliver customer oriented service s However, the services which deliver by Motorola are quite user-friendly and most significantly different options are provided for trouble shooting and diagnosing any sort of problem related to connectivity. In addition, the company also provides facilities for remote configuration of the devices. In comparison, AT&T also delivers services that are well suited with the convenience as well as the preferences of the customers. It has been viewed that the products of AT&T generally allows the multiple users to access the devices from different locations. Moreover, the DSL service which provides by the company enables to establish a strong quislingism within the employees by ensuring proper connection among them through incorporating wide range of connectivity. The services of the company are supported by global infrastructure of mesh Protocol which ensures proper reach to the consumers along with high performance and total security (AT&T Intellectual Property, 2013). Recommendations Based on the services that provides by both the companies, it can be recommended that Motorola must opt for making cable modems that best suits the preferences as well as the requirements of the consumers. The company can lower down the costs of its service i.e. cable modems in order to increase its profitability along with overall productivity. On the other hand, AT&T can follow extensive efforts for making its DSL service more reliable, trustworthy as well as customized. However, the

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Justification Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Justification Report - Essay ExampleIt is my hope and faith that this report get out be useful in your decision making and that it will lead to useful development.Wal-Mart should invest in the African trade and make an early entry. This will help the firm to open up itself in the market which will facilitate its future growth strategies. The African market is growing at a much higher rate than around developed economies around the world. It has also shown a thirst for retail outlets, as indicated by the massive growth of world class shopping malls. Africa is becoming the succeeding(a) hub of business in the global market. Although most of the countries in Africa are still underdeveloped, the rate of economic growth as well as the economic effectiveness that these nations have are commendable (Westen, 2014). At the rate at which the African and the global economy are growing, Africa will be the next big market in the global economy (Larsen et al, 2010). The BRICS provide a good market and an opportunity for firms to grow and expand their business, unfortunately in that location is high competition there and they may not provide enough market for global development.Looking at most African cities indicate that there is a boom in the retail sector. For instance, many Cities in the African nations such as Nairobi are seeing massive grown in the construction of retail centers such as shopping malls. Nairobi for instance has witnessed the construction of over ten new shopping malls in the last five years. Being a retail organization, this is a massive opportunity for Wal-Mart and it should take it in time not to lose to competitors.African economies are growing at a commendable rate. some African economies such as Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria are growing at a rate that is much higher than most European nations. Soon, these nations will provide the outmatch opportunity for multinationals like Wal-Mart. Getting in the market as early as possible will be a great a dvantage for the firm.Those firms which will be able to enter